Release Notes

Version 3.0

Introducing 3.0, featuring a sleek new interface and enhanced APIs designed to streamline your access to essential data.

🆕 What’s New

We've added new features to enhance your experience and make your data discovery journey even easier. Here’s a few:

For Users

  1. Refreshed landing page and agency page

  1. Introduction of case-insensitive string patterns to query our APIs

    • Users can now type in a search term without the need to consider the capitalisation of letters.

  1. Introduction of code snippets for all datasets

    • Simply copy and paste the sample query in your browser or your API platform to query a dataset on the site.

    • Code snippets are available in Java, C++ Javascript and Curl languages

  1. Split screen navigation view within the search page

    • Introducing split screen split screen search navigation → allowing users to scroll through multiple datasets at a glance. Simply click on the << icon on the left pane to minimise search results.

  2. Updates to the data viewer to enhance at a glance consumption of data

    • Introducing categorical variable composition detection. will now identify different categories or groups within a dataset

    • Additionally, we have also included a null value detector, shown within the top rows of the data viewer.

For Admins

  1. Admins can now delete datasets from the admin panel. To do so, kindly follow the steps listed here:

  1. will now auto-detect the date ranges for selected datasets freshly uploaded onto the platform. [Note: This feature is being slowly rolled out, and will not be reflected for all datasets]

  1. Dataset metrics

    • Admins can now view the usage metrics of individual datasets. This can be found at the bottom of each dataset.

Your Feedback Matters!

We value your input and are committed to continuously improving Whether you have suggestions, feedback, or questions, we want to hear from you.

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