How to publish data

Note that only government ( users and whitelisted educational institutions ( are able to access the Admin features at this time

When downloading the dataset, do ensure that the file is downloaded with the correct encoding. To find out more, kindly refer to this guide:

  1. Upon logging into the admin panel, click the + button on the top left, and select New Dataset

  1. Update the dataset name and description at the top of the newly created dataset

  1. Add a contact person for the dataset - we recommend using a system or support email in case of personnel changes.

  1. Add a dataset and update the metadata

  1. Start the Validation process - do note that this might take some time.

Once validation is successful, you will see something like this and can proceed to the next step.

If validation fails, you will see something like this and will need to fix the issues in your dataset in accordance to the SGDRM data format.

  1. Once this is completed, you can publish the dataset at the top right of the page.

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