How to Generate API Keys

Please manage your API keys securely - do not share these with your colleagues or vendors

  • API Keys are only needed for Write Operations - operations that require the pushing/uploading of data programmatically.

  • Read Operations to pull information from do not require API Keys.

  • For smoother integration, consider using an admin account accessible by multiple users in your agency.

  • Do not share this API key with third parties such as vendors.

  1. Navigate to the API Keys tab

Before beginning the API Key creation process, note that the key you create will grant access to the permissions your account currently. Do ensure that this key is only created/shared with the intention of sharing your accounts' permissions.

  1. Proceed to name your key under the Key Name text box.

  1. Indicate the lifespan of your key via selecting an option on the drop down menu, under Expiration. Do note that multiple keys can exist at the same time, and new keys can be created in the event your current key is set to expire.

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