How to Search for Data

  1. To search for specific datasets simply type in the keywords associated with the database in the search bar and click the search arrow.

  1. Click the Filters button to the right of the search bar upon entering your search. This will allow you to filter the File Format and Publishers of the datasets you are looking for.

  1. Once you have inputted your search, you will see a selection of Collections and Datasets. Collections tab contain a selection of grouped Datasets. Datasets tab all datasets with the search terms you have inputted.

  1. Once you have selected a dataset or collection, click the Download Files button to download all datasets within a collection.

  1. Note that sample data of files are available for viewing at the left hand side of the screen. Scroll down to select individual datasets within a collection, where available.

To Discover New Datasets Classified also allows users to browse new datasets and discover insights.

To discover datasets, simply scroll through the Trending, Real-Time API and/or Geospatial Data carousel list either via clicking on the arrows on the right and left, or click view all to view all datasets

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